About JLG

I’m Jennifer Doerksen! (JLG for short.) I’m a first-year #CreComm student at RRC, and loving it.

I’ve lived in Winnipeg, MB, Canada all my life.  I think it’s beautiful.  I can’t get enough of the snow.  I lived in Minneapolis, MN last year as I went to North Central University for a one-year Bible program.  The cities are beautiful, and they also have snow.

I’m into living the high-life, but I’ve got a low-life budget.  This past year I learned how to budget, and how to live without breaking the bank, but without losing the luxuries.  This blog is all about that plus some of my thoughts along the way. ‘Living rich’ isn’t merely spending money – it’s about being happy and money can’t buy that.

Fiji water and shoes are my weakness. I love Mary-Kate and Ashley, Parks & Rec and I’m currently reading The Opposite of Loneliness along with the other two dozen books I’ve bought and read the first chapter of only.

I’m not basic, even if Buzzfeed keeps telling me I am (I don’t even like pumpkins)!

I’d love to get to know everybody; I think that’d be cool.

Me (Left and Right)
Me (Left and Right)


Facebook: Facebook.com/Jennifer.JLG

Twitter: @jenniferdoer

Instagram: @jenniferdoerksen

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/JenniferPeyton


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