3 Things: Spring Pinterest Inspiration

Spring is nearly here – well, it was here and it left, then came back and very abruptly left again. So I am left with new Zara sandals that I can only wear around the house while I gaze at all the pretty spring things on Pinterest. So I’ve done a round up of my three things of spring inspiration from each of my Pinterest boards. Be inspired (or chuckle too)

Styling: Florals, Flowing and Embroidery

Making a Room Home: Cozy throw, prints, punchy chairs, and double drapes

Lids, Lips, and Long Hair: Pastel Makeup, Light lips, Centered waves

Lacquer: Ivory, Matte Gray, and Lilac

Desserts: Oreo Stuffed Cookies, Souffle, and Spring Bark

Quotes: Inspiring, Fun, True

Accessorize Generously: Back Necklace, Light Watch, Mirrored Sunnies

Colorful: Muted palette, Bold Royal Blue, Intense Marble


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