3 Things: Reading Week

It’s finally here. That break that we all look forward to. It’s a time for relaxation and catching up on everything we say “I’ll do it when I have time” even though, when we get the time we’ll probably just have a nap. So here’s three things for relaxing and maybe actually doing something we said we’d do. Here’s to Reading Week!

  1. Organize Something
    There’s always some part of our lives that needs cleaning of sorts. For me, it’s actually cleaning of my very messy closets. Whether I get through it all this reading week, I don’t know, but at least a good start. It could be organizing your school work, cleaning out your car or just deleting all those ‘only two days left of our amazing sale’ emails that have been clogging up your inbox. Sit down and do it, it’ll make you feel accomplished.
    Need motivation? Check out Pinterest for inspirational quotes, or ideas for your specific organizing issue. I found an article on Buzzfeed of aspirational closets. It also gave me great ideas. Read it here.
  2. Treat Your Self to Something You Never Do
    Is it getting a mani/pedi? A massage? Going to the VIP theatre? A fancy lunch? Or just having a full day of absolutely nothing. Whatever it is, make the time to do it. You’ll feel refreshed and energized to tackle the weeks ahead. For me, I’m going to get my hair done, and taking an afternoon to do absolutely nothing but color, watch Netflix, and eat yam fries. I’m feeling better already!
  3. Go Somewhere Whether it’s tropical (I wish!), somewhere in the province, the cabin, or just being a tourist in your own city for the day. Go some place new or you haven’t been in awhile – a new restuarant, a museum, or something like a paint night. Do something extra this Reading Week.



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