3 Things: for Your Next ‘Me’ Day

Everybody needs a ‘Me’ day – Treat Yo Self – Spa day – whatever you want to call it. It’s necessary. I’m currently planning my own. My normal at-home spa day is getting a little dull. I keep doing the same thing over and over – nails, foot bath, mask and magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I love this and will do it forever, but sometimes adding a new thing to it makes it feel extra special. I’m adding these to the routine:

  1. Hair Mask
    DIY Coconut
    I’ve always wanted to do a hair mask. I’m not sure how much they do, but they look so relaxing and smell great. The Glitter Guide has shared 5 of their easiest DIY hair masks. (It says easy, so that’s got me feeling confident.)
  2. Fibre Mask
    I just received a ginseng Sephora eye mask over Christmas. It was ahhh-mazing! It felt so fresh. My eyes have never had bags, but my skin felt firmer, softer, and looked brighter. So it’s safe to say I’m now hooked. I’ve always done mud and clay masks before, but I’m loving these. I just bought the full face ginseng Sephora mask and will be taking a full day off for that ‘Me’ day 🙂 (Also checked out Joe/Superstore and saw that they have similar masks, but much cheaper)
  3. Flavoured Water

    This isn’t really a spa-like thing, but whenever I have flavoured water I feel like I’m somewhere tropical. Yes, I could have this every day, but I don’t. I’m going to go for watermelon, or berries. Maybe even in Fiji water.

    Bonus: Coal + Canary Candle

    It just makes everything smell fabulous, and sounds like you’re by the fire. Currently, I’m burning through my Christmas one: All I Want Fir Xmas. Up next is the one from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights


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