Goals (not just for 2016)

We love making resolutions for the new year. I have nothing against that, but I believe in making goals all year round, not just for the new year (and give up two weeks later when I eat cake and just figure I’ll try again next year.) Making goals should be a constant, consistent thing. Shouldn’t I always be challenging myself? Making new goals once I achieve the ones I made, and to keep going with the ones I struggle at.

I read this article by Relevant (here) last week. It talks about how to make goals that will stick (and be an actual new year’s resolution). Take a moment to read it and think about how you can apply it. No time? Synopsis: Make realistic goals, don’t get hung up when you fail, keep going, keep yourself accountable and don’t try to do too many things.

My attainable, realistic goals:

  1. I’m very good at seeing the negative in myself. I have a hard time accepting compliments, or being happy with my work. So goal number 1: Be more positive about myself. That doesn’t mean becoming a hot head. It’s being happy, not negative. Constructive criticism is good, negativity without change isn’t.
  2. I have a decent amount of anxiety related to emails, texts, messages etc. That sounds so weird. I have no idea why. I know I need to get better at this, and wrap my around the fact that it isn’t the end of the world if I make a typo, or if it’s a little more conversational and less professional. New goal: Less proofreading, and more letting it flow. How would I say it? I’ll write that.
  3. I neglect things. I think I’ll just do it later, and then 3 episodes of 30 Rock have gone by with a break to go on Snapchat and it’s still not done. So, if I can do a task in 2 minutes, then I will do it right then. No excuses. I read this in an article somewhere and I thought it was genius. I’ve already started incorporating this into my life and it’s been amazing.
  4. Discipline. At church on Sunday, we talked about spiritual discipline. Our pastor shared a great analogy and definition of discipline: delayed gratification. I love that. Discipline has always had such a negative connotation to me, but this way of looking at it switches the perspective from negative to positive. My three goals above all involve discipline, so this goal is just to remember that it’s delayed gratification.

Hope these tips and goals are great starts to yours.

Happy New Year.



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