Day Out: The Real Escape Canada

Escape Rooms are blowing up! There’s several popping up all over the country, and of course here in Winnipeg. We knew only of The Real Escape Canada at the time, so we booked there, but there are several others as well. It is only $20 a person.

My wonderful cousins came in from Wisconsin this year for Christmas/New Year’s and we wanted to plan something fun during the day. We had done all the Winnipeg things (read: CMHR, Symphony, Forks, Exchange – you know). My family had heard rave reviews of The Real Escape so we thought it’d be a great outing for everyone! We chose Bank Heist and went in two groups.

Synopsis: It is a ton of fun! We did not get out, but we did semi-get the diamond and some money. We figured out where the key for the diamond was (I won’t say where 😉 ) And then tried to just get at the key, and we did so we kinda got the diamond, but not the right way (keep in mind there was about twenty seconds left when we actually got the key out for the diamond.)

It was fantastic! Very high-energy, and lots of laughs. Here’s a few tips for you and your group if you go to an escape room, (and a reminder to myself for next time):

  • Communicate: Always make sure you know what everyone is doing. You don’t want two different people working on the same clue, or working on a clue that’s already been solved. But mass chaos is also pretty fun 🙂
  • Make note of everything you see: Pretty much everything is a clue. Don’t forget of something you see in a different area, it could still help in another place. Everything is connected.
  • Don’t think too hard: Don’t over complicate things; you’ll get wrapped up in it and stuck. You’ll start going down a path that’s wrong. And every once in awhile the employee will give you a little clue to get you going.
  • Scream and Laugh: You’ll inevitably do both at some point. So this isn’t really tip, it’s a fact. You’ll have a blast. And you’ll probably do them in that order.

Learn more about the different options at The Real Escape Canada here.

Good luck!

Our fabulous family of bank robbers after our semi-successful bank heist at The Real Escape Canada in Winnipeg. Photo: The Real Escape Canada
The adults – who may have got more money, but we still like to say we did better. Better luck next time!



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