11 Budget-Friendly Gifts

Budget-Friendly Gifts

Here’s some fun gifts for foodies, fashionistas, booklovers, and those Type-A personalities.

  1. Winnipeg Cooks by Robin Summerfield. ($34.95). Buy it here.
  2. Hudson’s Bay Socks. ($10). Pick up these classy socks at The Bay.
  3. Cozy Reading Socks. ($34.50 now $24.50). These socks are lined with fuzzy fur and are available in multiple colors at Indigo.
  4. Gridline Mac Skin. (from $24.99). Available at Uniqfind. Free shipping on Black Friday.
  5. Marble iPhone Case. (from $24.99) Also at Uniqfind.
  6. Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling. ($32.50 now $10!!). Available at Indigo.
  7. Make Your Own BCBG Bracelet. ($25.00). From The Bay.
  8. S’well Glitter Water Bottle. ($40.00). At Indigo.
  9. Mara Mi Mixed Note Card Set. ($14.99). From Mara Mi. (Mara Mi also sold at Target and Indigo.)
  10. Marbled Year-less Planner. ($34.00 now $20.40). From Indigo.
  11. Coal + Canary Ginger Bell Rock Candle. ($30.00). From Coal + Canary. (25% off online orders on Black Friday).

Merry Christmas!


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