DIY: Glitter Spider Web Pumpkin

Halloween is next week, and that obviously means pumpkins! I don’t like pumpkins (to eat, or have as a spice latte), but I love decorating them. This year I found some mini pumpkins at Safeway (only $0.70!). I used glitter, glue, electrical tape, paper, sharpies, and of course a mini pumpkin to create this (all things I had previously). This DIY cost seventy cents 🙂 (yasssss)

1. Draw a spider web design in glue. IMG_2891

2. Pour glitter. Pour glitter (read: dump it on!) Collect the excess off a paper underneath the pumpkin and put back in the container so you don’t waste it. Let the glitter sit for a moment.


3. Shake off excess glitter. Tip the pumpkin over to gently shake off excess glitter. You should now have a glittery spider web!


4. Make a small spider. I used electrical tape. It’s an odd choice, but it does the trick! I made some into a ball, then added legs. I hole-punched two circles from a piece of white paper and drew two black circles on them to make eyeballs. I glued on the eyes to the spider and the spider onto the pumpkin spiderweb.

5. Draw spiders on pumpkin. Use a Sharpie to draw spiders dangling from the web, and maybe some flies in it! 🙂


6. TA-DA! Use with a centrepiece, on a tray, or make this on a bigger pumpkin and have outside your door!


What’s your favourite DIY pumpkins? (I’m currently loving the donuts – that just may be next!)

Happy Halloween!


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