3 Things: DIY’s for your Thanksgiving Table

1. Handwritten Place Cards: These are easy-to-make place cards. Use a fine sharpie to handwrite your guests’ names onto folded card stock. Thicken certain areas of type to make it look like you used a calligraphic or fountain pen. You can even use a gold or bronze sharpie to give it some depth. Gather fall colored pencil crayons and shade the area behind each name to create an ombre effect.

Place Card SettingPlace CardsJennifer Place Card

2. “I Am Thankful For” Note Cards: Cut a page of card stock into quarters. On each quarter handwrite “I am thankful for:” as with the place cards, thicken certain areas, or use frills. Use a ruler to create straight lines for guests to fill in. Guests may share what they are thankful for, or the cards can be a takeaway. Place cards next to each place setting, and make sure to have mini pencils on the table.

Thankful ForAerial Place Setting

3. Give Thanks Pumpkin: This craft pumpkin is from Target (R.I.P.). I bought this pumpkin last year and added washi tape and wrote on it. More pictures can be seen on my post from last Thanksgiving. To recreate this, you can buy a craft pumpkin like this from local craft stores. You can also buy a real pumpkin and paint it.


BONUS: Color Scheme! Make sure to choose a color scheme that suits your dining room and what you have. Our dining room has lots of burgundy, tans, and greens. I chose a lighter color scheme with hints of reds/oranges. This works for our space because of the fall colors already present in the room.

Candy Corn

Dishes are Maxwell & Williams Cashmere.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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