Dear Diary… This Week

Friday: I had a full day of classes, meetings, taking Dad to the airport, iOS 9 messing up my iPad and went to see The Tenors at the MTS Centre with my wonderful grandparents. I chose to stay positive. There were down moments, but I didn’t let that be the most important thing. [UPDATE: I still have not fixed my iPad, and waited in line for 30 min – the screen is a beautiful glowing white.]

Saturday: I put my Soundcheck pass to good use to see Tianwa Yang (violinist). I didn’t feel like going. But that’s why I bought the pass, so it’s working. Music moves people in a way nothing else can. All I wanted to do was close my eyes and sway… but I was seated and I didn’t want to look like a typical millennial falling asleep to classical music. It was a fantastic night, plus the WSO started with a piece by Rossini – my favourite.

Sunday: Started the morning at church. Laughed and cried. The typical. Reflected about how amazing Jesus is, and His love and comfort. Spent the afternoon with family eating, relaxing and working (with a solid nap in the mix of that) and countered the nap with a walk outside, and rediscovered my love for my Nike runners as a result.

Monday: Ever have those times when you let the moment sink in, and fall deeply in love with it. It’s a strange thing to notice when you’re in that moment. I love where I am. I may not be the most skilled, or talented, but I know I’ve found my sweet spot. I’m in the right program, major, classes, and with the best people. It’s obviously not always as glamourous or easy as I make it out to be, but it’s right.

That feeling vanished as my normal 12 minute commute took 45 minutes. Bumper-to-bumper down Maryland for endless blocks because people don’t know how to merge lanes effectively. There was a point where my elbows were on the steering wheel and my head in my hands. I think it’s time to work on this aspect of myself.

I also wore the Nike runners.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: A blur. Homework made three days one long day. Sleep was naps (well, 4-5 hour naps, but still). It wasn’t actually that bad – those Tall Grass Prairie chocolate croissants got me through. That and shamelessly jamming out to One Direction’s new song and laughing with friends.

Today (Friday): Fabulous. The morning was little rough, but it didn’t matter. I (once again) practiced my lip-syncing skills, but this time to Christmas music – I don’t care, judge me. Side note: I almost ran out of gas on the way to school, that kept me awake. I guess the morning wasn’t that rough, I’m just not a morning person.

I had a swell school day, drove home, took an extremely weird way to find gas, realized it’s only the fourth time I’ve ever got gas by myself and that I’m slowly but surely becoming an adult.

Also didn’t care for my outfit, so I changed into a fancy kimono and put on heels… I went to Subway.

This feels like an actual diary, but it’s kinda nice. I feel as if I’m in grade 7 with crimped hair journaling as I wait for Lizzie McGuire to come on Family Channel.


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