Last Year Plan (Tentative)

It’s my last year of college. What a weird thing to say!

But with every year of college, I’ve naturally buried myself into a hole that is doing homework on my couch. Exciting. (I say that sarcastically, but I do really love what I do – just not the loss of sleep 🙂 )

This homework hibernation doesn’t exactly boost the mood or energy. Here’s my Winnipeg things to keep get me off the couch and outside.

  • Buy (and use) a WSO Soundcheck season passDONE! If you haven’t heard of this, let me enlighten you – if you are under 30 or a full-time student, you can buy a Soundcheck season pass that gets you access to all concerts put on by the WSO. And all for $85! And you bring anybody for $29!

Cheap – check.

Get out of the house – check.

Read more about it here and you can purchase through their website. (I wrote a post last November about a night out at the WSO.) Also the WSO is doing Home Alone. That’s all you need to know.

  • Swim three times a week. I love swimming. Like a lot. I’m a lifeguard, so there’s part of it, and also no one can tell if you’re sweating when you swim. Bonus!
  • Do something tourist-y once a month, like going to the CMHR (below), The Forks, taking a tour, WAG, or a citywide event (like a pop up shop, or something like Nuit Blanche).
  • Go to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights once every two months. I can’t get enough of this place. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and educational. Plus there’s tours everyday and extra events on weekends. They’ve also started having travelling exhibits. (I wrote a post last October about the CMHR.)
  • Dream, Doodle, DIY, and Smile. Always good.

Those are my thoughts for now. Simple, but gets the job done 🙂

Coming up this year: updates on these activities, highlights, more activities, writing, decor, DIY and how I’m living rich on less (or more).


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