~ I wrote this for a Creative Writing assignment last semester, and I’m still in love with it. We had to incorporate 10 specific words into the piece. I was – still am really – infatuated with Brooke Fraser’s album. She’s a beautiful lyricist. So I decided to also incorporate the song titles of her new album Brutal Romantic into this piece. This piece is all about starting something new, and rewriting over the old. It’s overcoming. It’s discovering more. It’s finding joy in the start. ~


That dirty mongrel,

Creeping into this citadel I

Built in my own ignorance.

She rolls in as thunder.

This tower is my aging cache, and

She got in by dangling the joy in front of my weak eyes, and then she towered over me with the worst of sadness and anger. I’ve tumbled down to live in the shadows of my own walls.

So much here never lit,

Never washed,

Never seen,


But I’ve “never-minded” for a lingering amount of time.

It’s been a brutal romance, and I’m starting a war.

Je suis prêt.

I am ready. I am ready. I am –


The eve of the new year has just past.

The kings and queens are watching.

I’ve shape-shifted to rebirth.

There’s a blood rush to my head.

I’m in need of psychosocial support.

I come with the fire brewing in my chest.

This whole citadel is burning down.

Old – dead.

New – born.

Scattered walls buried. Fresh foundation awakens.

I’m walking for the first time.

I’m saying my first word.

It’s worth recording. For this is when I am born.

Bold blood,

Fiesty fury,

Intentional eyes are

Embedded into this DNA.

Every nerve in my body is on edge. They know what’s approaching.

Slightly painful; mainly invigorating.

Life giving.

These nerves give me nerve.

I am becoming a magical machine.

I am about to scribble over your history.

Are you ready, mongrel?

A new history is starting.

~ One of my favourites from Brooke’s new album. Check out her stuff at ~


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