Really Living Rich (Rebrand)

‘Living rich’ isn’t about spending money, as this blog might imply.

To truly live rich is to have joy. Most people say happiness, but I say joy because they’re different. Happiness is an emotion, a feeling. Joy is deeper. To me, it’s a choice. To have joy means you’ll probably be happier more, but it’s also having this joy emanate in situations that make you sad, mad, bad – all those fun times. That’s why I say it is a choice. I’ve mentioned briefly before the importance of speaking positively, and I think Sam puts it perfectly in her post here.

So as I’ve been thinking more and more about what ‘living rich’ really means, I’ve decided to open up the range of this blog. I’ll still be including posts about ways to save money, DIY’s, fun outings, recipes and all that jazz, but I’ll also be sharing about this concept of ‘living rich.’ This will include posts on things like positive thinking, self-esteem, faith, and even struggles (because not everything is glamorous).


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