Day Outing? At-Home Spa Day

Best way to save money? Not spending! And this weekend, I plan to do just that. This week has been full of printing, binding, printing, and binding again. That’s pricey. So this weekend, I’m planning all free festivities.

My main plan this weekend: A Spa Day! (That’s sounds crazy expensive) Here’s the trick, create it all at home! Put on your fluffiest robe, put a scrunchy in your hair, and even out that face mask. Lean back. Relax. Watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you have a foot spa, pull that out. Slather on the lotion and put on aloe vera socks and gloves. Then after awhile, complete everything with a mani and pedi. What a beaut!

Spa days are great, but they’re even better with friends. Invite someone over and set up your foot spas by the couch and binge-watch Netflix.

Add a little spring to your spa day with a salad bar. Try the Honey Lemon Kale Salad from last week, or a raspberry almond salad. And you can always stick with a good ol’ caesar. To drink, try any of these three lemonade recipes.

Invite some friends over, and bring out all your nail polishes!

I’ll be doing this this weekend 🙂 Happy Spring muachachas!


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