3 Things: for Keeping Track of Your Money

Treat Yo Self

My latest life motto is “Treat Yo Self,” partly because I’m obsessed with Parks and Rec, and partly because I love nice things. My struggle? I don’t have Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle kind of money for a DJ to follow me around, to buy a diamond beetle brooch, or a spontaneous trip to Beverley Hills (can we all just acknowledge how fabulous the newest Treat Yo Self was?! And the sadness that Parks is over!!) So I can have a Treat Yo Self day (June 13th – if you’re wondering – Mary-Kate and Ashley’s birthday) I have to save. I keep track of my expenses through:

  1. Online Banking: It’s heavenly. Saves my life. Get set up at your bank.
  2. Keep Your Own Record: Sometimes I don’t always check my account online so I keep track of expenses on paper.
  3. Blogs/Experts/Websites/Apps: To make a manageable budget that I can actually stick to, I’ve done research to figure out what percentage of my income is appropriate for certain things, like clothes, and groceries (I also tithe which is 10% plus offerings above that). Taking all of this in, I create a budget, you can even have an app help you track it, and check blogs and articles from experts on how to stick to it.
Treat yo self cupcakes
and another one for good measure

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