Travelling on a Budget

Reading Week. My Saviour. My All.

I’ve been waiting for this since mid-January, and as of 3 pm today – It. Is. Here.

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Toronto – Aerie, The Bay Flagship, Brooke Fraser concert and Zara. 

(Okay, so I’m basically going to shop and for a concert.)

Number 1 – Make a budget before to see what you can afford for flights, hotel and spending money. Here’s how I saved, am saving, and will be saving on my trip tomorrow.

  • Hotwire: The greatest thing to happen to the internet. You can find great deals and even better deals when you book flight and hotel together. Also check out Kayak (and while we’re on that, let’s just watch the best ad on television right now).
  • Cash: Having cash helps you budget. You can always see how much money you have. It helps keep you mindful of what you’re spending and if you really need to buy five tops (if they’re from Zara the answer is most likely yes). 
  • Public Transportation: If your destination has a good transportation system – use it. It’s so much cheaper than taking a cab (unless you stumble upon the Cash Cab).
  • Emails: Sign up for emails from stores that you’ll be shopping at. Most stores have e-newsletters that they send out (almost) daily. Often, just for signing up, you’ll get a discount off your next purchase.

A little bonus! My carry-on essentials for tomorrow:

  • iPad/iPhone (obviously) because then I can Instagram my #instacute airport outfit and read People StyleWatch on my iPad (99 cent special right now!)
  • Blanket Scarf. A necessity. Planes can get mighty cold, this is one fiiine solution. It’s not bulky and you’ll still look fiiine.
  • One or two books. I bring my iPad, but I don’t have too many ebooks. It’s always great to have something non-electronic too (plus books make you look smart – apparently I’m all about the image right now).
  • Foundation, mascara, and a (See by Chloe) rollerball. It’s always nice to have it as a backup and helps you feel fresh after getting off a long, crowded flight.
    •  Note: Check your bag to see that you have not accidentally packed nail polish. It will open and leak over everything and make your bag smell to the highest heavens that the ladies behind you will start yakking really loud about some idiot who thinks it’s okay to paint their nails on a plane and the airport security check will think you have concocted some weird thing. So check for nail polish, particularly before boarding a five hour flight from Cancun to Calgary.
  • Headphones. Possibly the most vital thing to a good flight. It’s a good pump up for the start and blocks out all the haters (aka crying babies).
  • The real necessities: wallet, boarding pass, passport, and itinerary.
Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Let’s reminisce of sunny days in Scottsdale. Photo taken on iPad

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