Keeping Your Desk Organized on a Budget

My new desk from Ikea!
My new desk from Ikea!

I bought a new desk from Ikea this December, (buy it here). My last desk had a good amount of hot pink nail polish decorating the right side corner – I wanted something whiter. Keeping my desk organized is my latest hobby. I do it with:

  • Jewelry Dishes: I got these dishes from Indigo – Indigo basically furnishes my life. I have one dish for hair accessories and another for necklaces and bracelets. You can also find ring dishes in many stores, like this one from Anthropologie. They’re gorgeous, keeps your jewelry where you can see it, and you can even use a fancy dish you have at home!

Jewelry Dish BraceletsJewelry Dish Hair

  • Woven Baskets: These can be used for just about anything. Use them for whatever clutters up your room most. For me, that’s mail and loose papers. These baskets I got on sale for $3 from Bath & Body Works work great and keep all my papers in one place.

IMG_0758Magazine files

  • Magazine Files: If you’re like me, you keep old issues of magazines. I like to go back to People StyleWatch and LouLou and get outfit ideas. These mags clutter up my room fast. These files from Ikea fit perfectly in my Ikea desk – match made in heaven.
  • Cardboard Boxes: For precious jewelry, I keep them in their boxes and sort them into these cardboard boxes also from Ikea.Boxes
  • Book Ends: Here I keep the books I’m currently reading. It’s handy to have them close, and reminds me to actually read and not just listicles on Buzzfeed.

Book Ends

**BONUS: These funky hands! (Both under $20) They keep my rings and phone – my two treasures.

Ring HandIMG_2050


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