Warm Wintertime

It’s January. The slum. The worst – it’s so incredibly cold. But this year, the polar vortex has skipped us!! (Remember all the shenanigans that inspired? Watch this fabulous video by Flula)

But it is currently +3C!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, it requires a ridiculous number of exclamation marks.) That’s 37F for you Americans. It’s gorg. It’s crazmazing. So Winnipeg, (and the rest of the world that isn’t extremely cold) go outside, (or stay inside if that’s your jam).

Here’s some ideas for this weekend:


  • Skating on the River Trail (and stay awhile in the warming huts). Check out the stunning warming huts designed by architects all over the world. Download the River Trailblazer app too before heading out on the river. Don’t forget to stop by the Raw Almond on the river that just opened.
  • Tobogganing! Find a hill and have a blast! My favourite is the slides at Assiniboine Park.


  • Movie Day: slip on those fuzzy socks and sweats and pop in a movie or two. Have some friends over and have some popcorn (try my favourite here, it’s mighty delicious).
  • Spa Day: Have your own spa day at home. If you have one of those foot spas, fill it with some steaming hot water and paint your nails. You could even do this in conjunction with the movie day. How cozy!


  • Thermëa: This place looks like a dream! And it’s made for winter! The spa is all about thermeotheraphy featuring cold, medium and hot baths, falls, and saunas. Thermëa has a plan you can choose to follow if you’d like to try the full experience. The nordik spa also features heated walkways, since the pools are outside. Learn more at Thermëa.ca.
Pelican Lake/Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre on New Year’s Day. (Taken with iPhone 6)


Dressed for a polar vortex on New Year’s Day this year at Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre. (Taken with GoPro)

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