Classic NYE Resolutions Post

Everybody is into this whole new year’s resolution thing. I used to be. And then I never kept them. I’d make it a week max. I’d make a dozen resolutions that were all highly unlikely for who I am (ex. exercising errday when I exercise like twice a week at the most – so that wasn’t happening!) So I don’t make resolutions anymore.

I make goals (is that a cop-out? probably. yes. definitely), but they are crazy easy to do because otherwise I wouldn’t keep them.

You could say I make a resolution then I make these goals to achieve them. It’s about making small manageable goals. Here’s my attempt:

  1. Save moneys: as always. I splurge, I’ll be honest. And I when I do, it’s glorious in a victory of war kinda way. I feel awesome because I have beautiful things, but my bank account just lost like mad. So my goals to save money areeee:
    1. Leaving my debit/credit card at home. Using a credit and debit card seems like invisible money to me. I can’t see the money, so it’s not real. I go into a store, find something I like, and give the clerk a piece of plastic and voila! That gorgeous Anthropologie dress is mine. So leaving it at home saves me from rampant spending, and also buyer’s remorse. It also saves me from going to Tim’s everyday, which I’m struggling with, which would be obvious if you could see me because I’m currently eating a plain bagel toasted with butter and peanut butter.
    2. Carrying limited cash. I did this all last year while I lived in Minneapolis because I’d take out a lump sum when the exchange rate was good. This strategy really helped me monitor how much money I had the week/month/2 months etc. Also when I went shopping – and was drooling over everything at Aerie – I knew how much I could spend. It wasn’t invisible money anymore. Plus my mom always says I shouldn’t leave home without some cash or change in my wallet (“always gotta have a quarter for the pay phone” – that’s engrained in me now).
    3. Piggy Bank! This is an odd one. I don’t really have a piggy bank, though I’m now considering it (sounds fun)! I carry limited cash, so the extra cash I have, or cash I receive from doing something extra I’m setting aside and saving. Every time I’ve received cash I’ve put by my perfumes on my desk, kinda random but cash sticks in between the bottles. I started this at Christmas and I’ve already saved up over $100!! Normally, I would blow it the mall, or Target, or lets-be-honest Tim Hortons. And right now I’m on budget with everything else so I’m saving this money as my shopping money for my trip to Toronto in February (hello Aerie and Zara)!
  2. Still enjoy the little things: amongst all the busyness. I find I often get wrapped in school, or work, which I don’t mind because I honestly love it, but it’s still stressful at times. I need to remember to take time for myself and just step back and enjoy the work I am doing. Here’s some ways I plan to do that, while achieving resolution #1 (saving them dolla bills):
    1. Magazines: I’ve said this before in my Christmas post, but magazines are (often) cheaper than books. I’m addicted to Indigo. I’m there at least once a week. I love browsing through the sections, finding new books, learning about new people, reading about the authors, seeing what’s new.. you know – the usual. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive hobby; I have expensive taste; I go for expensive walks aka shopping. Instead of always buying books of what I’m interested in, I’ve started buying magazines. I enjoy reading books on fashion, style, beauty – that sorta thing. These books are often hardcover as well with some sparkly sparkles on the front soooo they’re pricey. My goal is to trade out some of those books for magazines, like Lou Lou and People StyleWatch. StyleWatch is around $6, and Lou Lou ranges from $2.99 to $6 depending on the issue. If you are Rogers customer, like myself, you can subscribe to Lou Lou for just a $1 a month! Aaaand you get a special gift! That’s crazmazing. Yes. It’s that good.
    2. Blogs: I’ve mentioned my love for reading a few  many times, but I also really enjoy reading the books that blogger’s put out. Emily Schuman’s book Cupcakes and Cashmere is awesome (based on her blog of course). I’ve had it for years, and I still crack it open at least once a month. I also have both of Scott Schuman’s (not related to Emily) books based on his blog The Sartorialist. Those books are more of a coffee table style. But once again, buying books is expensive so my goal is to find at least 3 new blogs (I enjoy) a month. And I may do this through spending my sweet time on Pinterest 🙂 Brilliant.
  3. The rest of them: I’ve got more resolutions and goals, but they don’t really pertain to saving money, more so to discipline, but I’m going to list them anyway:
    1. No hitting the snooze button!
    2. Going to church for prayer meeting every Saturday morning.
    3. Exercising at least three times a week (I’m saving money here by exercising at home on our treadmill, elliptical, and using a great, painful, good, terrible Jillian Michaels DVD).
    4. Reading for at least 15 min a day and not online.
    5. Baking at least twice a month.
    6. Hanging out with friends at least once on the weekends.

So that’s that. All that. So far I’ve been keeping them pretty well. Making manageable goals to achieve these has been incredibly helpful, and remembering that I can’t just give up if I mess up one day.


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