3 Things: Christmas Edition!

It’s the most fabulous time of the year!!! Christmas is my ultimate favourite.

I love giving gifts. I’m a bit of a planner and start looking for gifts in July. I’m that person. I’d tell you all my wonderful buys for this year, but then I’d be ruining the surprise (S/O to my Mom! Because you’re probably reading this 🙂 ) But here’s 3 ways I’m prepping for Christmas!

1.  Pick up a Christmas-y Magazine:


I’ve been rummaging through the magazine section at Indigo for the past few weeks. There’s Christmas magazines for everything, and all your favourite magazines are most likely doing a special edition. My favourites right now: a Better Homes and Gardens special edition – Christmas Cookies! It’s amazing. It’s a little pricey at $12, but there’s 134 recipes! That’s cheaper than a normal cookbook. There’s also a great edition out by Food Network. And there’s some special edition mags on decor, one great one is from Martha Stewart, and it includes some recipes and everything really, Martha is a genius.

2.  Make your own Gift Tags:


Thursdays are the best because it’s blog night! Last night I went out to Walmart and Indigo, and I’ll be stopping at Target tonight. I’ve decided to make my own gift tags this year. Last year I had beautiful gift tags from Typo. They looked like mini polaroids with Christmas pictures. Unfortunately, Winnipeg doesn’t have the pleasure of having a Typo.

So I picked up cardstock, glitter, glue, paint, brushes, ribbon, and metallic sharpies. I started making a few gift tags last night, and just experimenting. Be creative, there’s so many uses for glitter!!!


3.  Start your Christmas Cards:

Last year I found these great Christmas cards from Indigo. I made a Christmas card yesterday with all the supplies I picked up, but I’m still not settled on the design. I may copy one of the designs from below. Buuuuuut these cards from Indigo are gorgeous and most are on sale right now. Here’s my faves:

Black, White and Gold Joyeux Noel Cards.

Red and Gold Happy Holidays Cards (and it comes with stickers).

Gold dots and Red Plaid Merry & Bright Cards by Indigo.

Be Merry & Bright Postcards by Rifle Paper Co. at Indigo.

Silver and Kraft Paper Merry Christmas Wreath Cards.


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