Night Out: Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Last weekend was full of fabulous stuff! My cousin got married, and I gained a gorgeous cousin! And my cousins, aunt and uncle came in from Wisconsin, so I felt like a tourist in Winnipeg! We went for lunch on Friday, wedding Friday night, Christmas tea Saturday morning, CMHR Saturday afternoon, WSO Saturday night, church and The Gates on Sunday. It was a whirlwind weekend!

But my main focus: WSO! The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is crazmazing (for all you Parks and Rec fans). We, Winnipeg, are so privileged to have such wonderful music! There are so many opportunities to go, and the WSO performs a wide range of music.


(Photo of WSO warming up November 15, 2014 for Schwarz & Copland Third. Photo taken with iPhone)

If you are under 30 or a full-time student, you qualify to be in the Soundcheck program. This means you can buy a ticket for only $15!!! Waaaaat?! Yes. Just present photo ID or a student card. You can bring anyone with you for only $25. It’s a steal!! *Only one guest per Soundcheck member. With tax it’s $17 and $27 (ish). Soundcheck allows you to reserve your tickets 2 weeks ahead of time. We ordered our tickets 2 weeks ahead of time down at the Centennial Concert Hall. You can also call. Paying $15 sounds like you won’t get a good spot. So so so wrong! We sat eight people in row 9 (which is really like row 5 because there’s a few rows taken out in front).

For Soundcheck members (anyone under 30 or a full-time student) you can purchase a season pass for only $85! So take advantage of this fabulous program! And everyone will be impressed with how cultured you are!! 😀

We went to Schwarz & Copland Third last Saturday. It was absolutely amazing, and so diverse. It was one of my favorite to date. Up next weekend is Emily Bear: Girl with a Gift. Handel’s Messiah is coming up this December, and it’s a sing-along!! There’s also a jazz version of Handel’s Messiah with Erin Propp with the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra at the WAG on December 14.

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