Day Outing: Canadian Museum of Human Rights


This past Saturday, I went to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. The building is absolutely gorgeous, and the view from the Israel Asper Tower of Hope is beautiful. It really makes you appreciate Winnipeg!

I took the 90 minute Explore the Galleries Tour, but it ended up being a bit longer. There are about 5-7 exhibits currently open. Even though not all the exhibits are open, the ones there are great! The CMHR is all about creating discussion, which is much different from other museums. There is a lot of interactive opportunities, like where you write on discussion boards, place a card with your hopes for the world, or choose what you want to learn more about with the touch screens in many of the exhibits.

Our tour guide said that all the exhibits will be open on November 11th. Admission was only $10 for adults, and will be $12 once all the exhibits open this Tuesday. Admission is complimentary for Aboriginal peoples with identification (I just brought my Métis card). Currently, you can only go through the museum on a tour, after Tuesday you do not have to take a tour.

I wasn’t sure how they would approach human rights, but I think they approached the subject in an interesting way. They have presented human rights history through its victories and downfalls. They celebrate everyone, and have allowed everyone who visits to participate in the conversation.

“What are Human Rights?” is written on a museum wall. This is intentional. There is more than one definition, and the CMHR has invited everyone to give theirs. It’s truly an inspiring place. The CMHR allows for reflection, and calls you to action.

Below are a selection of photos that show the interactive and reflective exhibits.

IMG_0248 IMG_0250 IMG_0253 IMG_0294IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0266  IMG_0292 IMG_0288 IMG_0302 IMG_0323 IMG_0324



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