It’s gettin’ chilly!

Fall Fuzzies

This week’s weather has been craaaaazy! Hot, cold, hot, cold, cold, cold. It’s settling in. Winter is coming. Tomorrow is November. Whoa.

Today I sat in class wrapped up in a wool blanket (well, blanket scarf, but it still counts). It’s freezing! And I’m inside!

You’ll find me wrapped in dark layers, upon layers. So here’s some of the items I have, and are looking at getting for the season:

  • Aerie joggers (amazingggg! I can’t wait to get these the next time I go down to the States)
  • Fleece-lined leggings. These are a must have if you live in Manitoba. I just got two pairs from Costco, and they are shiny on the outside and ridiculously warm on the inside. Check those out! Or a pair from Anthropologie.
  • American Eagle cable sweater. I got this last year on Black Friday (it was 50% off!) and it is so nice and warm (and also looks great dressed up!)
  • Nine West booties. These boots are great. Mine are in cognac, but now I want the black ones. I picked these beauties up last year from Burlington Coat Factory for $30! Steal!
  • Talula mitts (are they mitts, or gloves? I always get it wrong.) Soooo fuzzy on the inside. And cheap!
  • Aritzia Brkln toque. I want this sooooo bad. Ugh. so bad.
  • Aerie fleece cardi. Mmmm. The softness is incredible.
  • And finally, my favorite thing of all time…. Aritzia diamond blanket scarf in burgundy/navy. Heaven. It’s huge, and is so warm. It’s a bit of a splurge, but I just only buy one Aritzia scarf a year and no others.

Click on the polyvore image/links to find all the products 🙂 Happy Halloween! Stay warm and fuzzy! (Put on those fleece-lined leggings!!)


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