Don’t Buy into Brands

Don’t do it. Just don’t. Don’t buy into brands. Find ones you agree with and like. If you think you look cool, you’ll ooze it.

For example, everybody in Winnipeg drools over Herschel backpacks.  I don’t get it.  Everyone has it, it’s not something that distinguishes you.  Everyone’s got their Canada Goose jackets, Herschel backpacks, Talula mittens (I’m guilty of that one), Nudies and ankle boots.  Next to the Canadian tuxedo, it’s the next official uniform.  Sorry everybody.  You just begin to fit the mold.  That’s a pretty hipster thing for me to say I guess.  Each of those items are gorgeous, but it’s nothing new.  If you genuinely love those items of clothing or identify with those brands, then please wear them (as I said I’m guilty of some of them).  But just don’t wear it because everyone else is- it shows no individuality.

I’ve had to learn this, I used to care a lot about brands — I was a typical junior high student.  I even had my Grandma buy me Hollister and Abercrombie tees when she went down to the states.  I started shopping at Garage for the first time, because it seemed no one was wearing Sears anymore.  I’ve definitely bought some wretched things just because they were designer, but now I know better.  People don’t really like knockoffs, but the way I know I actually like the look of something verses just having it as a status symbol is if I would buy a knockoff.  You know those buttery leather Celine bags that are all over Pinterest. I was constantly looking up discounted Celine’s on eBay (yeah, eBay).  They were around $500-800.  I started justifying it, and thinking I could save up over the year.  I wasn’t crazy set on spending the money, but I was set on that bag.  I was walking through The Bay one day (this is how most of my stories will start) and I saw the most marvellous thing!  A Celine.  I actually started running with my arms straight out in front of me just waiting to hold the masterpiece.  I was in shock, at least I think so, maybe not according to Canadian Red Cross, but pretty darn close.  It was a knockoff-ish.  It looked exactly like the Celine crossbody, just without the tiny gold letters that read Celine.  (I actually contemplated using a gold paint pen to write it on, but I axed that idea pretty quick.)  It was sixty bucks, and I use it alllllllllll the time.  Cost per wear wise, I’m probably down to 10 cents. And I couldn’t care less that it’s a knockoff.

Back to the backpack rant — I’ve typically just used a big Lacoste bag for the past three years of university (which I pretty much stole from The Bay-so good! But that’s another story). However, this year I knew I needed a backpack if I was going to be traipsing around school for eight hours a day.  I saw on a blog a few years ago a Fjallraven daypack. Gorgeous.  So I went to purchase it online this past month, but the one to fit the 15” laptop came to $120 even with the $10 coupon I received from signing up for emails.  That was a little much.  I know I say splurge, but don’t do it blindly.  So I did some research.  I looked at other websites for backpacks that fit 15” MacBooks for a better price.  My brother came across a glorious navy Everlane twill backpack with cognac leather accents.  My two favourite colours in the universe.  And get this-it is $65! Mind blown (I’m doing the action for my brain exploding right now).  So I ordered that one (obviously) and now it’s here. I gaze at it everyday.

This idea of not buying into brands isn’t revolutionary, but it is vital to grasp to be able to budget.  If I was constantly buying into brands and buying every glamourous item in sight, I’d be broke.  Actually, I’d be in debt.

Do your research; fall in love with items and brands because you’ve looked at everything else out there.

It will save you money.

My Navy Everlane Twill Snap Backpack- My new love. Buy it here:
My Navy Everlane Twill Snap Backpack- My new love!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Buy into Brands

  1. Congrats on your new purchase! Tend to agree with what you are saying, but one concept you don’t mention other than brand and price is quality. You will always find something for less – but will your Everlane backpack out live a Herschel or Fjallraven backpack ? Sometimes you get what you pay for!


    1. Thanks! And I totally agree! Buying things from H&M certainly won’t last as long as something from Hudson’s Bay. I can’t compare my backpack to Herschel or Fjallraven as I don’t own one right now, but I did my research on Everlane and read reviews and it seems to be the same quality (or even better 🙂 ) and it still looks good as new! And I carry about 20 pounds in there everyday for about 12 hours. But Everlane is an exception, often quality and price don’t match, but I’m a bargain hunter 🙂


  2. Hi,
    I’ve been browsing trying to find my reviews and images of the navy twill backpack. Most of them look almost black…
    Would you be able to share more pictures or confirm what the colour looks like?



    1. The photo above is pretty accurate to the coloring. It looks slightly lighter in person, but not much. It is definitely noticeable that it is navy and not black. The leather pieces are a very nice tan color. The navy color fades slightly, but not much. I’ve had it since September, and it still looks good as new!


    1. It still looks great! And holding everything I need and I tend to cram a lot in this backpack. The zippers and fasteners still work perfectly with no wear and tear – and it’s going on its third year.


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