Good Day World!

Welcome to Living Rich on Less!  I’m Jennifer Doerksen, and I am thrilled to begin sharing here on WordPress!

This past year I moved to Minneapolis to take a one-year Bible program.  (I looooved it!) Living away from home was extremely tough, but I came out better. I learned a lot about budgeting, how to prioritize, yet not losing all the luxuries.  I used a few tricks, tried new things, found joy in the little moments, and stuck with my “essentials.”

Everyone’s “essentials” are different.  One of my essentials is Fiji water — not like everyday, but every once in awhile I’ll buy in bulk and save them for when I want to feel like I’m sitting on a balcony in France!  You’re probably thinking “really, Fiji water?!” and “what a waste!” But I beg to differ, it tastes ahhh-mazing and I feel like Hilary Duff (she loves it too, according to Instagram, so why wouldn’t I, right? right).

Your essentials might be buying InStyle every month and sipping pink lemonade in that adirondack chair on your front porch. Maybe it’s splurging on a “Treat-Yo-Self” day (thank you Parks & Rec!) and licking on a Haagen Daaz while roaming Hudson’s Bay for your next obsession. Whatever it may be, I’m with ya. Indulge. Everybody needs to.

So on JLG you can expect posts that promote your indulgences, all without burning through your hard-earned cash.  There will be recipes, party ideas, G.N.O. plans, fashion inspo. and anything I see that’s awesome(ly cheap)!

I’ll be posting here weekly, with a few sporadic posts.  I am a first-year Creative Communications (CreComm) student at Red River College in Winnipeg, so there may be a few out of place posts that are for assignments — don’t be alarmed! It’s all for a good cause — my education.


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